Bullet Time 360º

Discover the new 360º Dynamic Photocall formats

Bullet Time 360º

Discover the new 360º Dynamic Photocall formats

To achieve the  Bullet Time 360º effect, we offer you a maximum of 36 reflex cameras to install in the structure you consider.

If you have a more ambitious project where more cameras are needed, no problem, contact us to work together on it, but our standard package for events dynamic Photobooths, contemplates a maximum of 36 cameras.

Bullet Time 360º is a 360º effect, not to be confused with  360º Slow Motion, which results in an mp4 video, also available gif if required or sequence of images, with a 360º loop effect with the users in the center of the lens.

This type of installation can be varied to conform to 270º or other angles, and depending on the structure, Bullet Time  can be installed at foot level, at mid-body or overhead, obtaining completely different effects in each case.

How is  Bullet Time  technically performed?

This visual technique, called Bullet Time, consists of the extreme slowing down of the action in order to see very fast movements or events.

The technique is created by installing a series of fixed cameras placed on a support bar so that they point at the subject or object to be photographed from different points of view and maintaining a short distance between them.

The cameras take simultaneous photographs that are automatically joined by software as a succession of frames, thus creating a video with the Bullet Time 360º effect.

  • Dynamic 270º>360º Photography

  • Up to 36 Cameras (standard installation)

  • Sharing station with  Ipads

  • Sharing on Email

  • Structure Branding (not included the structure)

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