Bullet Time Camera Array

Discover the new formats of Dynamic Photobooths for Events

Bullet Time Camera Array

Discover the new formats of Dynamic Photobooths for Events

Surely we all have in mind the characteristic effect of the movie saga The Matrix, in which the Keanu Reeves is involved in a hail of bullets while the camera, and we as spectators, see this action as we had never seen it before and with a kind of 360º traveling around the action.

This effect is called Bullet Time , Frozen moment, Dead Time, Flow Motion, Time Slice or Camera Array effect due to the consecutive distribution of cameras, which are the ones capturing the action.

The term «bullet time» had first been used within the original script of the 1999 film The Matrix, and later in reference to the slow motion effects in the 2001 video game Max Payne. In the years since the introduction of the term via the Matrix films it has become a commonly applied expression in popular culture.

Bullet Time  Camera Array is our contribution to events and celebrations through the installation of pre-installed and pre-adjusted camera modules, to achieve this spectacular effect.

bullet time cam photobooths

Bullet Time Camera Array is a modular system that can be expanded as needed.

A portable system that takes up very little space and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

The modules can be branded by using vinyls, adding logos, claims or simply changing its color, and the modules can be installed consecutively to increase the angulation and number of cameras and obtain a more immersive effect.

  • Dynamic Photography

  • From 6 Cameras

  • Sharing Station with Ipad

  • Sharing via Email

  • Structure and Back Branding

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