In Bullet Time Cam we are pleased to carry out projects and events with the bullet time technique that make us feel very proud, but we want agencies to develop or request projects like this one that we present to you.

Nokia and Microsoft wanted to capture the daily life of New York from a unique perspective and that in turn would serve them to launch the new model of Nokia Lumia 1020.

To do so, they contacted New York filmmaker Paul Trillo, who made a wonderful Bullet Time project, using a custom-made bow and 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 phones.


Living Moments Bullet Time

«Living moments» examines daily life in New York City, frozen in a time of rotation.

This was the first time that a bullet time team was conceived and created to be 100% mobile.

Paul Trillo

Paul Trillo is a writer/director with a strong gift and understanding of post-production/vfx/motion graphics/ whatever.

He graduated from the California College of the Arts and has directed music videos that have been broadcast on MTV, Vh1 and Canadian music channels that most people don’t know about, as well as his short films, which have been shown at a variety of festivals with moderate success.

However, his recognition has come from directing several commercials in which he captures his style and particular vision and way of seeing the world as he did in Living Moments.


Directed by Paul Trillo (
Produced by Brian Streem (
Nokia Brand Labs – Costas Syrmos
App created by Jesus Aguilar
Technical Director – Nicholas Tong
Sound Design – Rich Bologna 
Soundtrack: «Robots» by The John Brother’s Piano Company