The 360º Video Booth consists of a multi-camera installation installed on a 360º structure. With a minimum of 24 cameras, to obtain 24 fps, and with enlargements always in multiples of 24, the resulting video is a 360º video in which the subject of the action is inside the action and the movement surrounds the subject.

The greater the increase in the number of cameras, the higher the frame rate, improving the resolution of the video and the movement itself in the Bullet Time Effect.




Thanks to the popularisation of this effect in The Matrix Saga of films, this ingenious way of capturing movement has a wide range of applications in both advertising and events, being a very attractive tool for brand activation and for events that require a playful installation in which users interact with a commercial brand.

The dimensions of the structures that house the cameras can be variable, as well as the number of cameras to be installed, which is why we have created the standard 360 Bullet Time Video Booth of 6m in diameter with a minimum of 24 reflex cameras in order to offer a unique product at a reasonable price for day-to-day events.

The cameras take a picture at the same time or with a small delay in the shot, to achieve different effects. Through the use of software, each of these photographs is joined one after the other to obtain a video with a spectacular result, the 360 Bullet Time effect, in which each of the photographs acts as a video frame.

The whole process, from the capture, the rendering of the images and the transfer of the resulting video to a Sharing Station lectern takes approximately 40 seconds, after which the video is ready to be shared by users.

360 bullet time 360º estructura
360 bullet time 360º estructura 3
360 bullet time 360º coca cola
bullet time 360º wemadehistory
360 bullet time 360º estructura 2
360 bullet time 360º daimler


bullet time 360º slow motion 360º

Access alone or accompanied to our 6m diameter structure.

bullet time 360º

Stand in the center of the structure and after the countdown, do your best pose.

bullet time 360º

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