Using Augmented Reality and a touch screen, the Glam Cam AR is a video booth and photo booth that adds different characters to the recording plane.

The Glam Cam AR can be themed with content aimed at the youngest members of the household by adding children’s characters or recording a video with their favourite sports team.




Glam Cam Augmented Reality requires a pre-production of the characters that users will interact with.

In the case of children’s themes, it is necessary to model and animate the characters that will appear on screen, and in the case of including real people, it is necessary to make chroma recordings to be able to add these characters to the software programming so that they can appear on the screen during activation.


The use of Augmented Reality in the video booth makes the system an ideal attraction for sporting events, film and series premieres as well as festivities such as Christmas where the little ones can share the screen with Father Christmas or the Three Wise Men.

A photo or video with the players of their favourite team or the latest action superhero.

An AR experience that will be hard to forget.