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The way in which users receive the videos generated in our Video Booths is an extremely important process in order to generate a complete Brand Activation.

Branding generates a communication between the Brand and the Client, and that is why both the Emails that are sent with the final video attached and the generated Videos themselves can be personalised to obtain a complete and attractive final result that shows the image of the Brand, Campaign, Product or Event.




e-mail Branding

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By using HTML or predefined customisable templates, it is possible to create a visually appealing format that accompanies the sending of video attachments after each installation.

Some of our software allows you to add a new and fully customisable Html file, while other software only allows you to edit predefined templates with a narrower and more limited range of customisation.

The email is sent in approximately 30 seconds after capturing the scene.

HTML Templates are responsive, i.e. they adapt to the different devices on which the received email is displayed.

The video file is received as an attachment within the email and the email template incorporates in the centre a preview, photo, of the recording made.



VIDEO Branding

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The branding of the videos can be done in many different ways, without forgetting that by using physical Backs or Backs during the capture, we will also have a personalised image to start with.

The most basic branding is the inclusion of Logos or Static Frames around the image. By means of a graphic with a transparent background and in .Png format, with the same resolution as the final video file, we obtain a branded product in a very simple but attractive way.

A more complex branding, which affects the final weight of the generated video, is through the use of Overlays or Overlapping Layers to brand the video with graphics with movements with a transparent Alpha channel that allows the captured video to be seen in a lower layer.

Another complementary option to the previous two, is the addition of small static or video pieces at the beginning or end of the captured video, this is Intros and Outros, which also affect the weight of the final video, something to take into account since these videos are sent as attachments in an email.

Finally, something highly recommended, is to add music that plays at the same time as the captured video, which will give a fresher and more attractive look to the final video.

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