Bullet Time 180º

Installation of 12 or 18 professional cameras that capture the movement from a 3m long structure. Different effects available to apply, Freeze Time and Jump and Freeze.



Bullet Time 180º Video Booths are mainly used in Photocalls at events or in recreational facilities for brand activation in a unique way.

Although the number of cameras in Bullet Time installations can be increased infinitely, our 180º system consists of between 12 and 18 cameras in order to offer a product with an eye-catching result at an affordable cost.

Bullet Time Video Booths consist of multi-camera systems that take a photograph at the same moment simultaneously or with a small delay between them, and then, using software, join each of the photographs, which would act as a video frame, to create a resulting video with the striking Bullet Time Effect, also known as the Matrix Effect.

The process of capturing images, rederización and transfer of the resulting video to a lectern Sharing Station occurs in approximately 30 seconds in systems with 12 or 18 cameras.

Bullet Time 180º marvel
Bullet Time 180º  oscars
Bullet Time 180º uefa
Bullet Time 180º  mercedes
Bullet Time 180º power
Bullet Time 180º  cofidis


bullet time 180º

Stand at a distance of 3m from the cameras

bullet time 180º

On countdown, strike your pose

bullet time 180º

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