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personalización photo booths



Customize the delivery of the videos by using HTML e-mails.

HTML code allows you to incorporate a multitude of unique designs, add images, text, links, colors and formats, making each campaign unique and different.

In the same way that emails can be personalized, videos can be customized by using logos, frames, intros, outros or music.




personalización photo booths



By using HTML or customizable predefined templates, it is possible to create a visually appealing format that accompanies the sending of video attachments after each installation.

The email is sent in approximately 30 seconds after capturing the scene.




personalización photo booths
personalización photo booths
personalización photo booths

By using frames, logos and overlays with alpha channel, the videos generated by Bullet Time Photo Booths can be customized with any brand image, as well as the possibility of adding Intros, Outros and music.

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