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Data Capture and Analytics

An optional tool is the personal Data Capture during the event, which, at the end of the event, can be downloaded in a CSV file along with an Analytics Dossier to check the result of opening emails, sharing in social networks, etc…

To comply with legislation and to be able to Data Capture tools and make use of the information as well as the videos recorded during the event, a Disclaimer can be optionally added with the Policy of Use and Treatment of the same, which users must accept prior to sending the videos.




In some of our Video Booths, you can optionally add Scratch & Win Competitions to distribute prizes among users, with different configuration parameters.

After sharing the videos via email on a Lectern Sharing Station, users are presented with a fully customisable screen with a Scratch & Win box where they can see if they have been the lucky ones to win the prize.



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Optionally, like the Competitions, in some of our Video Booths we can set up a Survey to collect answers to questions that are interesting and necessary for the Brand or Event or add more fields for Personal Data Capture that you are interested in collecting.

Obtaining Feedback from users is a great asset for Commercial Brands to obtain first-hand the perception that users have of their own Brand or of a specific Product.


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