A camera, a robotic arm on a slider and software that allows us to create sequences in which we can insert different effects to give shape to the Glam Cam GlamBot.

A VideoBooth that will delight attendees at all kinds of events.


The BOLT Robots weigh around 2.500kg, which makes the use of forklifts essential for their transport and location and therefore excludes a large number of spaces for events.

This type of robots, apart from having a high price, due to the fact that their main function is Cinema and Advertising, makes them not valid for all types of events.

Bolt High Speed Cinebot

The new Robot for events, with a much smaller size and weight, makes these videographic elements accessible to all types of event spaces. With a weight of only 80kG, which facilitates its transport, location and assembly, and its reduced price compared to its bigger brothers, makes this Robotic Arm a novel tool for all types of events.

Glam cam

  • Maximum camera range: 2m/6.5ft
  • Operating voltage: 110/220V
  • Maximum camera height: 1,8m/5,9ft
  • Foldable aluminium bracket
  • WEIGHT: 60kg/132lbs + 18kg/40lbs
GlamBot Robot