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Bullet Time

Time Freeze, Camera Array, Time Slice or Matrix Effect is a visual effect that extremely slows down an action in order to appreciate the movements.

The superimposition of cameras aligned around an object or subject, allows to capture the same instant from different angles to create an animation and a “floating” effect of the action.

bullet time

Although it is a technique from the early nineteenth century, it owes its popularity to The Matrix movie series, in 1999, when these visual effects reached the general public.
The BulletTime effect has continued to be used in film, advertising, music videos, but it is currently the events sector that is the main market in which this technique is used through the use of Photo Booths to animate and capture unforgettable moments.


Revolutionize the way you experience events with BULLET TIME Photo Booths

Bullet Time 180º

Surprise your guests with a different Photocall. Bullet Time 180º Photobooth


Bullet Time 360º

If you are looking for a playful installation for your events, Bullet Time 360º will delight your attendees.

Light Painting

Invite your attendees to participate in a playful and artistic attraction with Bullet Time Light Painting.

Slow Motion 360º

We bring you a novelty. Surprise your guests with an installation of Slow Motion 360º.


Both the emails in which the videos are sent and the videos themselves can be customized to suit each campaign and event.

By using HTML code in the emails, you can customize the body of the email, as well as customize the subject of the email and use any email account.(SMTP).

Videos can also be customized through the use of frames, logos, intros, outros, overlays and music.

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