Light Painting

By using cameras in Bulb mode, or open shutter, any moving light source creates a light trail that is captured from start to finish by the cameras. This is what we call Light Painting, Painting with Light or Physiogram.

The main requirement is to have darkness in order to be able to capture the light effects better, so it is essential to have a black camera (closed space with cloths or similar) or to carry out the action inside a dark space.

We can use this Light Painting in Bullet Time 180º and Bullet Time 360º


The result of the Painting with Lights installations is either a Static Photo with light effects or a Motion Video with light effects.

For single-camera installations, the end result is a static image in which the Light Painting effects decorate the background of the image.

Taking advantage of Bullet Time 180º or Bullet Time 360º multi-camera installations, the resulting video is a spectacular LP video with movement.

By using new LED tools that allow digital files to be uploaded, it is possible not only to create light figures, but also to incorporate logos, texts and luminescent images into the resulting video or photo.

The Light Painting effect is a spectacular effect, but added to the Bullet Time Effect, the resulting images and videos are true works of art.


light painting coche
light painting napoleon
light painting
light painting power event
light painting
light painting boda


light painting

Get into the structure

light painting

Hold a static pose for 30 seconds

light painting

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