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You may have seen or used a Chroma to take a photo or video and digitally swap the background, but with MagicScan® we have reversed this functionality of Chromas and instead of swapping the background, MagicScan discovers the character hiding inside you.



With Magicscan it is not necessary to have a green backdrop, which is difficult to hide at events, among other things because it is necessary for it to remain visible in order to be able to change the background effect.

With MagicScan you can use the background of your choice or the environment of the event itself and enjoy our Video Booth in which we will make the character hidden inside you emerge.


Glam Cam MagicScan
Glam Cam MagicScan

***Final result quality is much better than this examples. We had to reduce the quality converting the videos to GIF to be able to insert them into the website***