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A camera and a riser with a rotating arm. This quick set-up tool creates one of the most recognizable and effective photographic effects as a playful and promotional element in any event.

Tool can be used with and without background as well as with a Chroma Key background.




While the Bullet Time effect keeps the cameras static and the movement is obtained thanks to the number and arrangement of the cameras, Camera Array, the Slow Motion 360º effect is performed with a single camera on a stage with an arm that rotates around the object or subject.

Thanks to the use of different software, motion sequences can be interleaved, allowing to alternate between normal speed, ultra-fast and slow motion movements, thus creating spectacular effects.

Its main use is in the events sector as a recreational tool.


  • Platform Diameter : 1.00m
  • Platform height : 22cm
  • Load capacity : Max. 3 persons
  • Rotation Speed: 10-50 RPM
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Stabilization Technology: In-Camera
  • Cameras: Canon EOS 250D / Ipad Pro
  • Minimum space requirement is 2.5m with arm retracted and 4m with arm at full extension.




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