glam cam track 360.jpg

TRACK 360º

A camera, a perimeter structure of 4m in diameter with a rotating device and software that allows us to create speed sequences in which we can intersperse effects at normal speed, fast speed with the Slow Motion effect, to create spectacular videos capturing every millisecond of movement and faction of expression.

A 360º photo booth that will delight all attendees.




Like the Slow Motion 360º video booth, the Track 360º Video Booth is a system that rotates a camera around a surface.

While the 360º Slow Motion Booths have a diameter of between 80cm and 1.15cm, the Track 360 has a diameter of 4m, which can be extended to 8m, allowing a group of people or even objects such as cars, trampolines, ball pools, etc. to be placed inside it, all to achieve the same amazing effect as the Slow Motion 360º Booth.



  • Diameter : 4.00m
  • Platform height : 25cm
  • Spinning Speed: 10-50 RPM
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Stabilisation Technology : In-Camera
  • Minimum space requirement is 4.5 x 4.5 m



glam cam track 360
glam cam track 360

***Final result video has more quality than this example. We converted the final video to gif and reduced the size and quality to be able to add this to the website***