Mitch Martinez is a talented DOP, cinematographer / indie filmmaker from Philadelphia.

He got our attention with these two sensational videos titled “Inferno”, and “Light Painting”.


Freelance Director of Photography,  Mitch Martinez rigs up an array of 48-DSLR camera around two performers as they go about the dangerous art of fire breathing.

The bullet-time results are spectacular.

In order to capture the footage, Martinez used an array of Canon DSLRs in concert with Panasonic GH4 cameras and even RED’s Epic camera, which shoots up to 120 fps.

Bullet time photography can show moments in time that are otherwise too fast with any other filming style, allowing the camera operator to move around the environment or use a multicamera array system and see it from other angles previously un-shown.

 The effect can make just about anything look cool, but in the hands of a talented director of photography like Martinez, it’s capable of some truly amazing things,  and it’s something he has us used to with his light painting works


Light Painting

Lightpainting photography or «painting with light» is one of the most curious and striking types of photography today, despite being a technique that has been used for quite some time.

It consists of drawing with light directly on the photograph, lines, shapes or whatever you can think of, using air as a frame and shooting at exaggeratedly slow shutter speeds.

The light traces are captured by the camera’s sensor and are «drawn» directly on the final photograph.

light painting

We´ll be adding new post about light painting tutorials, techniques, gear and some other light painting artist around the world.

We humbly, from Bullet Time Cam offer these light painting services to include them in events and presentations from a more commercial view and not so much artistic point of view.

If you like Mitch Martinez work and wants to see more about it or contact him, these is his contact info:

Instagram: mitchmartinez_dop
Twitter: cinemitch_dop

More time slice (bullet time) videos and information: