In the world there are many companies that are dedicated to the same work sector, or artistic groups that make works that may coincide with the theme that you yourself can make in your company, but the joy you get from finding a company that just by seeing a small part of their work makes you take them as a reference, is not very common.

This is what has happened to us with the German company Lichtfaktor.

A company that has made light painting a way of reaching the public in commercial campaigns.


Lichtfaktor Light Painting

LICHTFAKTOR is a collective of young artists and performers.

In their creative laboratory they develop projects and techniques such as photography, graffiti, computer art, light painting and combine them into an exciting urban art form.

In this post we present you their work «Shine a light for nature», which they did during 4 long and cold nights in their hometown, Cologne, in Germany.
As they tell us, it was one of the most creative, fun and interesting moments.

The video won the «German Web Video Award 2012» in the category of AAA (Academy Approved Art) Jury and Audience Award.

Present Time

Reviewing his most recent works, we see a clear evolution in his work, many of them more commercial, but taking a look at his web page or his vimeo channel, is a real joy for the amount of good videos that show us his creativity and his good work with the light painting technique.

The most common use of the light painting technique is that of photographs or portraits in which the different light forms created serve as a creative and differential background, but always in a photographic format, either static or animated by bullet time.

In the case of Lichtfaktor, the linear video is its main canvas on which to apply this wonderful visual technique.

From Bullet Time Cam we´ll follow this guys and their wonderfull job!!