The American actor Will Smith revealed on his YouTube channel the reasons why he rejected the role of Neo that ended up being played by Keanu Reeves in the famous saga «The Matrix«.

A lump error


«When I was offered the role of Neo in ‘Matrix’, I was told: ‘Man, we were thinking of a plan where you imagine that you are in a fight and when you jump, think that you can stop the jump in the middle of the action,'» confesses Will Smith.

Will Smith did not really understand the proposal of the Wachowski brothers and since the directors were not very famous at that time, he did not see clearly to accept to participate in the film, the saga «Matrix» known by that scene as the eternal jump before kicking, bullet time effect, which would end up changing the way of seeing cinema in the following decades.

The fact that Will Smith let that opportunity pass by made him accept a role that put his career at risk: starring in ‘Wild Wild West’ (a film not recommended for viewing).

A decision that the actor has admitted he is not proud of.


However, Internet users have not missed the opportunity to see what The Matrix could have been like if Will Smith had agreed to play Neo, and thanks to artificial intelligence and DeepFake, the technique that allows us to map faces and exchange them for others, we can see the result.


DeepFake is an artificial intelligence technique that allows you to edit fake videos of apparently real people, using unsupervised learning algorithms and existing videos or images.

The end result of this technique is a very realistic video, although fictitious, and if something becomes clear after watching this montage, it is that Will Smith is a great actor, but….

Keanu Reeves was born to play Neo