The 360 Slow Motion Video Booth is a single camera system on a rotating arm around the user. By programming the software, we can configure different speed variation steps to achieve the Slow Motion 360º effect.

This video booth can be used with or without a backdrop, obtaining a final result that is equally eye-catching. By using a Chroma Key background, we can add digital effects to the backgrounds.




While the Bullet Time effect keeps the cameras static and the movement is obtained thanks to the number and arrangement of the cameras, Camera Array, the 360 Slow Motion effect is realised with a single camera on a platform with an arm that rotates around the object or subject.

With a platform diameter of 1 metre, up to 4 simultaneous users can participate in this fun/photographic installation.

The extendable arm allows to move the lens away from the camera to capture the subject in full body, half body or close-up, without altering the final result of the Slow Motion effect.

This video booth is one of the most successful installations among users as it is a playful tool and the resulting videos have a high rate of uploading to social networks such as Instagram or Tik Tok.


  • Platform Diameter : 1.00m
  • Platform height : 22cm
  • Load capacity : Max. 3 persons
  • Rotation Speed: 10-50 RPM
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Stabilization Technology: In-Camera
  • Minimum space requirement is 2.5m with arm retracted and 4m with arm at full extension.
360 slow motion




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